Sunday, February 26, 2012

Order out of Chaos and Chaos out of Order

The problem is this consistent shift between enveloping mimetic layers that is the human progress. From dyad to monad to dyad to monad each layer more comprehensive containing the other but also dependent on its continued existence. The two forms of critical theory in competition for the heart of globalism is one that wishes to destroy the thin layer of monadic humanism bellow thinking to release capital over authority from current limitations to establish a new world order based on a projected dynamic corporatism and the other seeking to strengthen that humanistic layer synthesizing it with extended responsibilities to the biosphere in order to extend a governing civil society to include interconnectedness with ecological limits.

The first notion is ascendent and through finance is using the second notion as a means to paper over its end. It is because the spiritual commitment to humanity and the biosphere over finance through human solidarity and security that the second notion requires to succeed is not in place within its ranks. The result is that the ugly face of competition masks itself when necessary with the happy face of the Green since both when drunk with power can agree on one thing ... depopulation.

The ugly face of competition, when the time is right, has the means and power through finance, upon which the Green is dependent and still addicted, to throw him or her upon the bonfire of radical and quick depopulation which the Green in principle is not against. Through this critical lack of compassion and chink in the chain upon which human rights are dependent the Green can be outmaneuvered and piloted towards an end it basically agrees with through political means it otherwise does not but is too weak to stand against in the twisted hope to gain power in the catastrophic aftermath.

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